Once upon a time... on a plane a traveling idea was born.

After 6 years of experience in the field of tourism, we've managed to take this idea to the top of Europe and all around the world, staying true to the very same vision: offering the cheapest available travel products combined with the best quality.

We have launched an innovative technological platform that, for the first time in the history of tourism, will compare tourism products not only between local travel agencies but among worldwide markets, thus offering each traveler the ability to select the best price between thousands of providers around the world, for the very same product.

Our promise

Our team is consisted of experienced employees in the field of tourism, having serious credentials from big companies , in their resumes, sharing the same dream: Our promise is to provide the best prices for something we all love! TRAVELS!

For us the journey is not the destination, but the destination is the journey.

Our offices

For all of us, our offices are not only our workplace but something more than that!

It's the place where our vision turns into reality, the place where we spend most of the day offering the best possible service to our customers. The place where we build our business strategy, the very place where we enjoy our professional success! Besides, with every YoTrip customer, we travel as well!